Aritco 7000 is the most popular lift among the platform lifts and is designed to fit into any environment and suit any project. It is our most versatile platform lift, tailored to meet selected needs and tastes. You have the choice of a variety of functional features and interior/exterior design options.

Platform sizes, glass modules, a range of colours, stainless steel details and spotlights are just some of the many alternatives to choose from. Installation requires just a few days.

Platform length* 1480 mm
Platform width* 1000 mm
Door height 2000 mm
Door width 900 mm
Shaft depth 1600 mm
Shaft width 1375
Travel height*
250 - 13000 mm
Top height full door 2240 mm
Top height half door 1100 mm
Structural opening
1630 x 1405 mm
Drive system Self-sustaining patented screw/nut system
Rated speed Max. 0.15 m/s
Landing Control One touch call
Platform Control Hold to run
Technical compliance European machine directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load 410 kg/5 persons
Number of stops Max. 6
Number of doors Max. 2 doors per floor
Pit 50 mm (with ramp no pit is required)
Environment Indoor / outdoor
Power 3-phase 400 50Hz/5.2 A/16 A slow
Emergency lowering Manual
Control supply 24 V
Motor 2.2 kW

*Optional platform size is available. see options

**Depending on installation site.

Prime CL7000 overview

Included as standard:

• Lift painted white, RAL9003

• Interlocked doors

• Destination buttons, flat with Braille text

• Vinyl flooring, grey

• Door closer

• Self supporting shaft with 25 mm wall panels

Built-in functions:

• School locking

• Call and send functionality

• Integrated service diagnostic system

• Automatic light shut down

• Fire alarm drive

• Battery supervision


Included as standard:
• Interlocked doors
• Battery operated power failure lowering
• Automatic lubrication system
• Light fitting on the platform
• Ceiling
• Destination buttons, flat with Braille text
• Vinyl flooring, Medium Cherry wood finish
• Door closer
• Self supporting shaft with 25 mm wall panels
Built-in functions:
• School locking
• Call and send functionality
• Integrated service diagnostic system
• Automatic light shut down
• Fire alarm drive
• Battery supervision


Door large glass

The standard door with clear glass is painted in RAL 9003 Structure (Artico white). We also offer the possibility to have the blade, frame or both painted in the RAL colour of your choice. Also awailable in stainless steel.


Double Hinged glass door

The double hinged glass door is painted in RAL 9003 structure (Aritco white) and with clear glass (JT0) as standard. Can be orderd in different RAL-colour and with different glass as option.

Double glass door

Door with two glass panels. In RAL 9003 Structure (Artico white) and with clear glass as standard. 


Half height door with glass

If you require an open shaft or if the head space is low the use of a half size door may be a good solution. Only allowed for lifts with a travel up to 3 meters.

EI60 - Fire & smoke proof door

Fire and smoke rated door. Complies with the lift directive 95/16/EC and EN 81-58.


Door handles

Door handles with round shape, follows the standard EN 81-41: 30-45 mm
Distance between door and door handle: minimum 35 mm
- Anodized aluminium; as standard and stainless steel as option

Door faceplate

The door faceplate can hold; Call button, Key switch Telemecanique or ASSA, Call button & sensor, Call button and key switch Telemecanique or ASSA. Aluminium as standard and stainless steel as option.


Keyswitch on door

A key is needed to access the lift. Can be used to both call and send the lift. School locking function. There are two brands to chose from Telemecanique and ASSA.



Door opener Internal

Opens and closes the doors automatically. It is built into the door which makes it invisible.


Door opener External

Opens and closes the doors automatically for easier access.

Door closer Internal

Closes the doors automatically. It is built into the door which makes it invisible.





Door closer external

Closes the door automatically.

Hold open arm for door closer

Keeps the door open until the user manually closes the door.


Platform sizes

8 different options for platform sizes to suit needs or space restrictions: 900x1040, 900x1280, 900x1480, 1000x1280, 1000x1480, 1000x1980, 1100x1480, 1100x1580.



900 x 1040
900 x 1280
900 x 1480
1000 x 1280
1000 x 1480
1000 x 1980
1100 x 1480
1100 x 1580





Full height console

Full heigt console comes with a mirror and Led light as standard.

Platform faceplate

The faceplate contains the destination buttons, emergency stop, alarm button, autodialer (option), company logo, max weight and number of persons allowed.


Keyswitch on platform

Locks the platform functions and prohibits unauthorized use. Two brans to chose from; Telemecanique and ASSA.

Platform flooring

Chose from a set of vinyl and rubber floorings in different colors, and aluminium flooring.



The handrail is mandatory according to the EN 81-41 standard. Aluminium as standard and stainless steel as option.

Fold down seat

Gives you the opportunity to sit down while using the lift. Solid wood seat and chromed brackets.



For easier access to platforms without pit. In corrugated aluminum to prevent slipping. All platforms can be prepared for pit without ramp or otherwise directly on the floor/ground for adding a ramp.

Inner ceiling with LED

Inner ceiling fitted with LED. Complies with LUX regulations. Inner ceiling painted in same color as shaft walls.


Inner ceiling with light fitting

Fluorescent light fitting. Brightens the shaft. Complies with LUX regulations. Painted in same colour as shaft walls

Shaft panels

Shaft panels for the shaft walls painted in RAL 9003 (aritco white) as standard and in other RAL color as option. For some platform sizes stainless steel panels are available.


Glass panel

Three sides of the lift can be fitted with glass panels. Clear glass is standard, tinted, dark tinted and frosted glass can be ordered as an option.

Phone Socket

Phone socket, Swedish standard. For connecting a phone.



Wired phone, basic model. Can be equipped with a GSM module. GSM module needs to be completed with a SIM card.


Activated when the alarm button is pressed. Mounted in the platform panel it adds to the clean look of the lift. Can be equipped with a GSM module. GSM module needs to be completed with a SIM card.


External alarm sounder

Loud signal to attract attention in case of emergency. Activates when the alarm button is pressed.

Landing indicator

Digital display positioned at the platform faceplate. Can also be fitted with a voice announcer that is available in several languages.


Arrival signal

An audible signal when the platform arrives at each landing.

Fjärrstyrning med radio

Fjärrstyrning av hissen.



400 volt 3-phase delivered as standard,  230 volt 3-phase and 230 volt 1-phase can be delivered as option.


Soft start

Provides a smoother start when a landing button is pressed. Is included as standard for 500kg capacity.

Automatic lubrication system

Oils the drive screw at regulated time intervals even when the lift is not in use.


Battery operated emergency lowering

Secures a safe travel to the nearest landing in case of power failure.