Aritco 9000 is our platform lift with cabin for the accessibility market. The lift is designed to meet all requirement for quality, safety and service.
The easy and short installation together with the small footprint
makes it attractive for the accessibility market.
Several advantages offered by Aritco 9000:

• Design, sizes and options tailored to public environments
• 95% recyclable materials
• 'A' rated energy consumption according to VDI4707
• Patented screw/nut technology (no oil that can leak)
• The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market
• Automatic run

Cabin width
1400 mm
Cabin length 1000 or 1100 mm
Travel height
2150*- 13000 mm
Top height (min)
2400 mm
Hole through floor:
 - width 1465-1590 mm
 - length
1630 mm
Cabin door 900x2000 mm
Shaft door
 - heigth 2000 mm
-  width
900 mm

Drive system
Patenterad screw / nut system
Rated speed
Max. 0.15 m/s
Landing control
One touch call
Cabin control
One touch call / Automatic
Technical compliance European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load 400 kg/5 persons
Number of stops Max. 6
Number of doors Max. 2 doors per stop
Pit 75 mm (with ramp no pit is needed)
Environment Indoor
Power supply 3-phase 400 50Hz/5.2 A/16 A slow, frequency control
Emergency lowering
Battery driven
Control voltage
24 V
3 kW

* For opposite entry. 2300 mm if doors on same side.

Included as standard:

• White painted lift, RAL9003

• Landing doors with lift locks.

• Destination buttons with lit frame

• Vinyl floor, grey

• Internal door closers

• Self supporting shaft with 25 mm shaft panels

Built in functions:

• School locking

• Integrated system self diagnostics

• Automatical light shut down

• Fire alarm drive

• Battery supervision


Included as standard:
• Interlocked doors
• Battery operated power failure lowering
• Automatic lubrication system
• Light fitting on the platform
• Ceiling
• Destination buttons, flat with Braille text
• Vinyl flooring, Medium Cherry wood finish
• Door closer
• Self supporting shaft with 25 mm wall panels
Built-in functions:
• School locking
• Call and send functionality
• Integrated service diagnostic system
• Automatic light shut down
• Fire alarm drive
• Battery supervision


Large glass door

Standard door with clear glass, painted in RAL 9003 structure (Aritco white). It is possible to paint the door blade, door frame in another RAL colour.


EI60 - Fire and smoke proof doors

Fire and smoke proof door. According to directive 95/16/EC and EN 81-58.

Door handle

According to standard EN 81-41, Ø: 30-45 mm
Distance between door and door handle: minimum 35 mm
- Anodized aluminum; standard
- Stainless steel as aoption


Door control

Door control with call button, key switch Telemecanique or ASSA, Call button and senssor or call button and key switch with Telemecanique or ASSA

Key switch on door

A key is needed to call for the lift. To brand to choose from: Telemecanique or ASSA.


External door opener

Opens and closes the door automatically.


Internal door closer

Closes the door automatically. It is built into the door frame and is onvisble from the outside.

External door closer

Closes the door automatically.


Hold open arm

Keeps the door open until the user manually closes the door. For external door closer only.

Cabin sizes

2 different sizes are available: 1000x1400 and 1100x1400 mm.


Cabin wall laminate

The cabin walls are covered with laminate. Choose from a set of different colours..


Cabin panel

Cabin panel in stainless steel with destination buttons, alarm button, emergency stop, autodialer (option), landing indicator, company logo, max load and number of persons alowed.


Key swith on cabin panel

losk the cabin functiuons and prohibits unauthorized use. Two brands to choose from: Telemecanique or ASSA.

Cabin floor

Choose from a set of vinyl or rubber floors, in different colours.



Handrail is mandatory according to EN 81-41 standard. Stainless steel as standard and oak as an option.

Fold down seat

So that you can sit down when using the lift. Stable wood seat.



Makes the access to the cabin easier, when the cabin is installed without a pit. Made of galvanized steel vovered with corrugated Aluminum to prevent slipping.


Shaft inner ceiling

Shaft inner ceiling painted in the same colour as the shaft.


Painted shaft profiles

Option to paint the shaft profiles in the same colour as the shaft. Standard  is Aluminum.

Shaft profiles

Shaft profiles for the shaft walls in RAL 9003 (Aritco white) as standard or in any RAL colour as option.


Glass panels

Three sides of the shaft can be supplied with glass panels. Standard is with clear glass. Option ir to have tinted, dark tinted or frosted glass.


Telephone with cable, basic model. Can be equipped with a GSM module.To be complemented with SIM card.



Activated when pressing the alarm button. Integrated on the cabin panel. Can be equipped with a GSM module. To be complemented with SIM card.

External alarm sounder

Mounted on the outside of the lift. Activated when pressing the alarm button, gives a loud signal.


Landing indicator

Digital display positioned on the cabin panel. Can also be fitted with a voice announcer availible in several languages.

Arrival gong

Gives an audible signal (ding dong) when the cabin arrives at each landing.


Power supply

400 volt 3-phase with frequency converter.


Frequency converter

Gives a softer start and stop of the lift. Included as standard.

Automatic lubrication

Oils the driving screw at regulated time intervals even if the lift is not in use.


Battery operated emergency lowering

In case of power failure you can lower yourself from inside the lift and get out by yourself .