Quality and reliability for public areas with Aritco Platform lifts

Our vision has always been to create platform lifts that are both elegant and functional, exceeding all standards for commercial, domestic and public access. As you explore our product range, you’ll see this vision come to life. Every Aritco platform lift is built and designed with outstanding quality, comfort and safety in mind with a variety of options to suit new and existing buildings perfectly.

Designed for multiple environments

Whether your platform lift will be in a school, shop or apartment block, you can customise the design to fit both the environment and the people who’ll be using it. Choose from up to 213 colours, tailor the textures and materials of the walls and floors, select just the right lighting. Everything, right down to the look and feel of the buttons, can be customised by you.

Less expensive to install, more affordable to maintain

The cost of installing a platform lift is up to 70% lower than installing a conventional lift. And with Aritco you’ll benefit from the lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market, long into the future.

Up to


less expensive than a conventional lift

Swedish by name, Swedish by nature

The Scandinavian reputation for craftsmanship is known across the world. Here at Aritco, we’re proud to create objects that are beautiful in form and function — to engineer lifts that truly enhance the buildings in which they work. We think you’ll recognize that when using our lifts signature features or feel its quality in material. 

Patented screw and nut drivesystem

Our patented screw and nut drivesystem has been designed and developed to fit effortlessly within public environments. It’s a piece of clever engineering that ensures our lifts can run smoothly, swiftly and silent.

Save on space

You won’t find lift shafts, safety pits or machine rooms in our platform lifts, saving you more space than a conventional lift.