Aritco 7000 Outdoor

Designed for
outdoor use

The Aritco 7000 Outdoor is designed for outdoor use to make your commercial, domestic or public areas easily accessible for people with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users.

Technical specifications
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Key features
  • Space efficient solution
  • Corrosion class C3 for painted parts
  • Corrosion class C5 for mast
  • ’A’ rated energy consumption according to VDI4707
  • 95% recyclable materials
  • Environmental classification by the Swedish Sunda Hus organization
  • Patented screw/nut technology (no oil that can leak)
  • The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market

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Lift color

Can be painted in any RAL colour from the RAL Classic chart.

Shaft panels

EPS or glass.

Glass shaft panels only for windload up to 10 m/s.


• Machine side cladding
• Door canopies
• L-bracket
• Roof
• Heater

Clear glass
Tinted glass
Dark tinted glass
Frosted glass
Beige, Vinyl
Blue, Vinyl
Sand, Vinyl
European oak, Vinyl
Classic Beech, Vinyl
Grey, Vinyl
Checker Stud Blue, Rubber
Checker Stud Black, Rubber
Technical compliance

European Machine directive 2006/42/EC
European standard EN 81-41

Drive system

Patented screw and nut system
2.2 kW motor

Rated speed

Max 0,15 m/s

Travel height

250 – 10 000 mm

Top height

Min. 2 240 mm

Number of floors

2 to 6 floors

Platform Sizes Rated load Persons Wheelchair
1100 x 1480 mm 410, 500 kg 5, 6 pers. A or B with attendent, adjacent entry*

* National guidelines may apply. Wheelchair Type A and B according to EN 12183/EN 12184.


Recessed installation 50 mm below floor
Installed directly on floor with 50 mm ramp

Platform controls

Hold to run (press and hold)
One touch operation (press one time) for installations outside europe


Public environments
Outdoor installation environments


Environment conditions -5°C to +40°C. If installed in climates cooler than -5°C an external shaft is needed around the lift.

Snow load max 2kN/m2

Installation above ground level and with a drained pit

Installation not recommended in salt or chlorine enhanced environment

Doors only installed towards the outdoor environment


If these conditions can not be followed the lift must be installed in an external shaft.

Max windload

25 m/s

For windload above 10 m/s lift must be fixed against a wall

Corrosion class

C3 for painted parts

Corrosion class C5 for mast

Emergency lowering


Power supply

230 V 1-phase

400 V 3-phase


Aritco 7000 Outdoor comes with a 24 month warranty.

The screw and nut assembly has a 10 year warranty.